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CIMSPA National Pool Plant Operators Certificate


This CIMPSA (formerly ISRM) accredited course for safe and hygienic swimming pool plant operations leads to an industry recognised certificate following successful completion of a post-course assessment module.


By the end of the course successful candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the design and operation of their own pool plant including the circulation, filtration, disinfection, pH correction and heating of pool water. 
They will know how to maintain water that is in ‘balance' and is safe and pleasant to swim in. Candidates will be able to use correct techniques to test pool water and understand the remedial action required to restore ideal conditions.
The course also covers the technical requirements for ensuring safe and efficient operation of pool plant and the use of good management and cost effective technologies to save energy.


  • Course introduction
  • Every swimmers rights
  • Mains water supplies and effects
  • Pollution and infection types and sources
  • Swimming pool hygiene
  • Pool water circulation systems
  • Principles of filtration and filter types
  • Pool water disinfection
  • Chlorine chemistry
  • Pool water treatment chemicals
  • Ozone and Ultra Violet light
  • Chemical dosing and control
  • pH, alkalinity and balanced water
  • Pool water testing equipment
  • Water testing and diagnosis
  • Microbiological testing
  • Health and Safety
  • Heating, ventilation and energy management


Three day course


Multiple-choice examination and work based assignment. Completed assignment to be returned within three weeks of the end of the course.

On the day

The course will run from 09:30 to 16:30 each day, unless otherwise advised
There will be one 45 minute lunch break at 12:30 each day and a 10 minute coffee break each morning and afternoon
Timings may be adjusted to suit local circumstances


The cost of this course is £299.00 plus VAT per candidate


Spectrum Leisure Training accepts candidates from local authority organisations on an invoiced basis provided you supply an official purchase order at the time of booking.