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PALM Academy Hot Tub Operators Certificate


This qualification is specifically designed for commercial and domestic hot tub operators. It is the first comprehensive hot tub qualification to comply with HSG282 and the Pool Water Treatment Adivsory Group and BS EN 17125 Domestic spas and hot tubs - Safety requirements and test methods. The course enables candidates to maintain efficient and safe hot tub plant operations in both commercial and domestic settings.


The Physical Activity and Leisure Management Academy (P.A.L.M.) Hot Tub Operators Certificate course is based upon ‘‘Pool Water Treatment & Quality Standards’ (the PWTAG handbook) and complies with their hot tub water quality standards, and is in accordance with the provisions of BS-EN17125

Domestic Spas and Hot Tubs.

The course is suitable for operators of all types of hot tubs. Candidates will be provided with a comprehensive course handbook.


Section 1: Legislation about Hot Tub Operations


Section 2: Water Sources; Pollution; Prevention and Removal

  • Cleaning protocols
  • Infection control

Section 3: Hot Tub Construction and Water Circulation Systems


Section 4: The Process of Filtration

  • Cartridge filters
  • Sand filters


Section 5: Chemical Treatment

  • pH control methods
  • The Use of Chlorinated Iso-Cyanurates
  • The Use of BCDMH
  • The Use of Hypochlorites


Section 6: Water Test Standards and Frequencies


Section 7: Chemical Dosing Equipment


Section 8: Problem Solving


Section 9: Glossary of Terms


Section 10: Appendices



One day course


Short, multiple-choice test paper at the end of the course, flowed by a post-course practical assignment. Completed assignment to be returned to the assessor by the appointed date.

On the day

The course will run from 09:30 to 16:30 each day, unless otherwise advised.
There will be one 45 minute lunch break at 12:30 each day and a 10 minute coffee break each morning and afternoon
Timings may be adjusted to suit local circumstances


The cost of this course is dependent on location and number of candidates attending.


Spectrum Leisure Training accepts candidates from local authority organisations on an invoiced basis provided you supply an official purchase order at the time of booking.